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7 Myths About Your Back Pain

Back pain affects 80% of Americans. While there are many successful treatments, there are even more myths about back pain.

5 Foods that Will Help Keep Your Mind Healthy

Experts are learning your diet play a crucial role in susceptibility of developing dementia. Here are 5 foods to fight it.

Don’t Throw Away Those Used Coffee Grounds

Half the world’s population drinks coffee. That’s a lot of used coffee grounds that could be recycled in wonderful ways like these.

I’m 50 Years Old. Should I Keep My Life Insurance?

The decision to keep life insurance after 50 is both a personal and financial decision. Here are 6 reasons to consider keeping your coverage.

How to Spot Government Imposters

Imposter fraud is costing Americans billions of dollars a year. Don’t become a victim by following these tips.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Life Insurance Policy

We all make mistakes. But when it comes to buying life insurance, you may not be able to fix them until it’s too late.

Happiness Through Healthy Food

Is it possible the phrase healthy food and the word happiness share the same sentence?

5 Step Checklist to Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Choosing a health insurance plan is a lot like a balancing act. We provide a 5-step checklist to help you get started choosing a plan that is right for you.

5 Creative Spring Décor Ideas

Celebrate the Earth awakening from its winter slumber with the top 5 most creative Spring décor ideas.

10 Ways to Maintain Healthy Joints

10 tips to keep your joints healthy so you can enjoy the activities you love.

3 Incredible Healthcare Smart Technologies Coming Your Way

Every day, the future of medicine is looking less and less like science fiction. We share three amazing technologies that will transform health care for the better.

Do I Need a Long-Term Care Plan?

The statistics surrounding the need for a long-term plan are staggering. But there are times when a plan isn’t required.

Senior Diet: To Meat or Not to Meat

To meat or not to meat. That is the question many seniors and their families ask when it comes to regulating their diet. We share 10 reasons why it may be a good idea.

How to Take Care of Your Personal Intangible Assets

We all have personal intangible assets. How we take care of them directly shapes how we live out our lives.

Dream All-Inclusive Trips to Escape the Cold

When the weather outside is frightful, it may be time to plan an all-inclusive trip to a warm and wonderful location. Here are three exotic options to take you beyond the ordinary this winter.